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How I Got Started

At 50 years old, I was at the high point of a fabulous consulting career. I loved my job, when suddenly, I had a hemorrhagic stroke that forever changed my life. It taught me things I thought I was to old and at the same time to young to learn and put me in a state of confusion that I thought I could never recover from. I'm still not sure I have. But I'm finding my way and as I do so I find making jewelry helps me to meditate.

After being in a coma for 5 months my doctors told me I had brain damage. I thought my life was over. But as I tried to recover I found it wasn't. I started to try new things and redefine myself. I built this website and started to volunteer at different things. I've also built a few more and am slowly learning to become an entrepreneur. I've never really wanted to own a business but as life takes it's twist and turns we sometimes end up in places we never thought we would.

This isn't the life I would have chosen but it's the one I've ended up with. I'm enjoying the growth and discovery that it's bought me. Life is always a beautiful thing when you reach for the good that's around you. Thank you for visiting my site!